Building Supplies

Exterior Cladding

Steel Sheeting

Affordable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. Steel sheeting is available in a number of profiles and can be used for both wall and roof cladding.

Vinyl Siding

An affordable siding option with plenty of color choices. With all the new profiles and textures available from a number of different manufacturers, vinyl is looking better than ever.

Hardie Board

Fiber cement siding that has been time-tested and proven for decades, it comes in a variety of textures that mimic other siding materials: wood shake siding, wood lap boards, cedar shingles, etc. A low-maintenance siding option for your home.

LUX Panel

A premium metal cladding product with a high level of finish, available in wood grain or textured, as well as solid colors. Designed to be installed in any direction and as a soffit panel, it is very versatile and looks fantastic in both residential and commercial applications. Visit our store to see our sample display wall for yourself.


Fiber cement panels offered in a broad range of textures and colors, including wood grain, stucco, brick, stone, and even a high-gloss finish. With custom colors and color matching available, it looks great on both the exterior and interior of commercial projects.

Composite Panel

Made of aluminum or other metals, these high-end custom panels give a sleek and modern look to any project. From a range of manufacturers and with over 100 color and metallic finishes, there is a panel available that will fit your every design need.